ASIS International National Capital Chapter

ASIS International National Capital Chapter

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Officers & Volunteer Leadership

Elected Officers


John Gallagher


Scott Fischer CPP, PSP


Denis Lynch


Patti Gallagher

Programs Chair / Sergeant at Arms

Brian Glynn, CPP


Volunteer Leadership Team

To assist us in planning programs and events that bring the most value to our members, the ASIS National Capital Chapter is always in need of volunteers.  Review the Volunteer Positions and Committee Descriptions. 

To volunteer or request additional information, contact Ben Casey

Membership Chair

OPEN- We need your help!

Communications Chair

Chuck Webber

Academic Programs Coordinator

David H. Gilmore, CPP

Chair, Terrorist Activities Committee

David H. Gilmore CPP

Certification Coordinator

Jim Saulnier, CPP

ASIS Foundation Liason

OPEN- we need your help!

Young Professionals Liason

Chris Czarnowski

Women in Security Liason

OPEN- we need your help!


Dan Novak, CPP

Private Security Appreciation Committee Chair

Marty Mitzel

Golf Tournament Chair

Jim Saulnier, CPP

Newsletter Editor

Patti Gallagher

Social Media Coordinator

OPEN- we need your help!

Assistant Programs Chair

OPEN- we need your help!

Budget Director

Eric Gutierrez

Volunteer Coordinator

Scott Fischer, CPP PSP

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Chair

Brian Glynn, CPP

Physical Security Committee Chair

Denis Lynch

Mentorship Program Chair

OPEN- We need your help!

Chapter Development Chair

OPEN- We need your help!

IT Security Committee Chair

Mark Fearer, CISSP, CISA

Legislative Chairperson

Doug Chiles

Placement Chairperson

OPEN- We need your help!


SEF Directors & Trustees

Scott Fisher CPP, PSP- Chair

John Gallagher- Member

Dennis Lynch- Member

Patti Gallagher- Member

Bryan Glynn CPP- Member

David H. Gilmore CPP- Trustee

Steven G. Gottrich, Jr. CPP- Trustee

Kevin E. Peterson CPP- Trustee

James R. Saulnier CPP- Trustee

Advisory Team

ARVP & Past Chair (2013-2016)

LoyeManning CPP, PSP

RVP 2012-14

Robert C. Battani, CPP

RVP (2007-2011)

Christopher J. DiMartino, CPP

ARVP & Past Chairman (2011-2012)

Jim Saulnier, CPP

Past Chairman (2013)

Leon Beresford, CPP

Past Chairman (2010)

Todd C. Vigneault, CPP

Past Chariman (2009)

Michael A. Williams

Past Chairman (2007-2008) & ARVP (2009-2011)

Robert C. Battani, CPP

Past Chairman (2007)

Jennifer Holcomb

Past Chairman (2005-2006)

Sally Malloy

Past Chairman (2003-2004) & ARVP (2006-2007)

Jennifer S. Hardwick

Past Chairman (2002)

Edmund C. "Bud" Miller, CPP

RVP (2002-2006) & Past Chairman (2000-2001)

Kevin E. Peterson, CPP